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How Does Yoga Improve Professional Focus?

Yoga is a less extensive form of workout that caters to the overall wellbeing of an individual. For persons who can’t adhere to a continuous gym routine or jogging every morning, yoga could be the most suitable alternative. It provides many benefits to physical and mental health and can help improve your professional focus. HowRead More

How To Align Spirituality With Business Strategy Without Hurting Your Brand

Spirituality and business are not usually linked to each other in any way. This is because they differ in a lot of ways, with seemingly no association with each other. Business Strategy is a well-defined, step by step plan to attain defined business goals. It is considered serious, professional, and a lot of time, effort,Read More

Save the Rainforests

Rainforests are essential to our survival. They are the last home of many animals that tier lives are depending on. Humans keep destroying trees and the Rainforests with them with no regards what so ever to the lives of the poor animals. But the rainforests are not essential only for the animals that live insideRead More

How to Be Considerate

I believe that teaching your children from a young age to be considerate will create a better society and will make them better human beings. When we are considerate to one another we create a good example to our kids friends and family.
Putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes can…

Observe Your Environment

One of the peculiar behavior for us as humans being with experience. We forget to observe the environment around us and enjoy it. Today’s a sunny day how wonderful the world looks. An old saying is, stop your life race in order to smell the flowers, make perfect sense for real life…

Lunar eclipse: where did you see it from?

Just few days ago skywatchers around the world could experience a rare natures wonder: the longest “Blood Moon” eclipse of 21 Century. The moon turned orange-red and ruddy brown colors as it rose. Part of the eclipse was visible from…