Observe Your Environment
One of the peculiar behavior for us as humans being with experience.
We forget to observe the environment around us and enjoy it. Today’s a sunny day how wonderful the world looks.
An old saying is, stop your life race in order to smell the flowers, make perfect sense for real life.
We have to stop the race chasing something, the road is our focus and not the destination.

I believe that we should enjoy every moment of our life, moment by moment.
Reaching the destination is not the goal, it will happen when it happens. Enjoying the journey is not less important than getting to the last mile.
Life is passing us by while we are waiting to get to our destination and we don’t get to enjoy life, because of the race.
Then, one day, we find ourselves in our 60’s, 70’s or 80’s and we ask where did life go?
Life is not a race, it’s a marathon and getting to the last mile will only give you satisfaction for a moment. But enjo=ing life moment by moment, while acknowledging your family and friends, will give you real satisfaction in life.