Save the Rainforests
Rainforests are essential to our survival. They are the last home of many animals that tier lives are depending on.
Humans keep destroying trees and the Rainforests with them with no regards what so ever to the lives of the poor animals. But the rainforests are not essential only for the animals that live inside of them.
“Rainforests are where millions of plants and animals wait to be discovered, where future medical breakthroughs lie, and where oxygen for future generations is created. Yet they are constantly under the threat of destruction, solely for the sake of quick profit.”
We can all help save the planet for us as well as for the future generation. Please keep putting these important topics in your social media and with your friends.
Our children and grandchildren are depending on us to do the right thing.

Apart from the fact that it is immoral, and that other animals have the right to live and have their own habitat environment, we as humans, have the responsibility to save the only planet we know, that we can live on. destroying this planet is on us!

Let’s take for example Palm oil. It is the most widely used vegetable oil on Earth.
As of today, it’s half of the processed food.
Because of this demand, palm oil is also one of the biggest threats to rainforests. The search for cheap palm oil causes deforestation and massive carbon emissions, removal of Indigenous peoples from their land, child labor, forced labor, etc.
This industry is pushing species to the brink of the extinction.

Please help us get this message to as many people as you can in order to be aware and mindful to our environment and nature.
I am sure All of us like to enjoy a beautiful ocean sunset or nature view and we would like that to stay the way it is!
This planet belongs to us all human and other animals and we all have the right to live.

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